More and more apps and devices debut frequently these days with the express purpose of monitoring our health and well-being. Steve Maynard will take us through a variety of these new items and what we can also expect in the near future. We will also follow-up to last month’s WWDC conference with the preview release of iOS 11 and what welcome changes reviewers say it will have for our iPhones and iPads this fall.
Follow-up information :
Health Apps - PDF of Steve's presentation
iOS 11 beta preview - PDF of Ron's presentation
APFS up close - PDF new Apple Files System coming with MacOS High Sierra
APFS new file system - PDF with more details about the new file system
Improvements for MacOS - PDF concerning High Sierra
iOS 11 Files App - PDF with details about the new Files App
Cnet insider - PDF on features of iOS11
iOS 11 Appocalypse - PDF about the changeover to 64-bit only apps in the upcoming release

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