Tonight’s presentation will focus on Apple Pay and especially the rollout of the Apple Card. We will also discuss the implications of Apple’s purchase of the Intel modem deal. There is an Apple scam to beware of and a few predictions about future hardware and software.
Follow-up information:
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The next general meeting will be
Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 10. Meeting details are usually posted about a week before the meeting date.
AUGUST 28 (last Wednesday) ST. LOUIS APPLE PROFESSIONALS - Check out their website for further information.
PLEASE NOTE : Anyone attending the general meeting MUST use door #7 to enter the building. It will be unlocked, the front door may not be. To reach this door, which will allow you to park much closer to our meeting area, take the first left as you enter the parking lot at the stoplight. Continue across the lot to an intersection where you see the busses parked. Continue straight along this bus parking area past several Parkway facilities buildings. On the right is the high school and as you pass various entry doors to the school you will see large numbers on them. Continue around the school building until you reach door number 7. Our meeting room has changed. Instead of the large open area we will meet in a classroom (room 822). There will be better acoustics, a built-in Smartboard and sound, small tables and individual chairs.
Central High Door 7